Lexus Dealer Earning $49,000 in Annual Savings with LED Lighting

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     Last year, Lexus of South Atlanta decided to begin saving money by cutting lighting costs.  Before long they decided to retrofit their dealership with LEDs, resulting in $49,000 of savings annually.  The new system was installed in December 2011, consisting of 82 GE Evolve lights on a total of 55 poles, arranged around the existing pole locations to illuminate the lot very evenly.

The bright and more even lighting of the Lexus dealership’s new system has helped attract customers to the newly-lit car lot.  The new LED lights didn’t only help attract business, however.  The HID lighting that Lexus of South Atlanta originally used consumed 596160 kWhs of electricity a year, with the new LED lights drawing a tiny 77,289 kWhs.  This sums up to nearly 87 percent reduction in the consumption of lighting energy.


LEDs Come to Life in Interactive Graffiti Display


     Artist Antonin Fourneau has decided to shine a new light on the concept of graffiti.  He has constructed a wall that has thousands of LEDs that have been programmed to react to moisture.  Using this technology, Fourneau has created an interactive work of art that can be written or drawn on using spray bottles, sponges, or even your hands!  His name for the project is “Water Light Graffiti”, and it was on display in France a few months ago.  The video below shows a few examples of onlookers creating glistening designs just by dripping water on the large display.  Digitalarti, the company that helped Fourneau create the wall, has a program for certain people to rent the luminous canvas.

2012 Rockefeller Center Tree LED Lighting

     In New York City, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has become an icon of the holiday season.  It is known for it’s magnificent size and decorations, which always dazzle onlookers.  Tomorrow will be the day that the Tree goes up, and this year it will be decorated with more than 30,000 multi-colored LED lights, with a Swarovski star at the top.  The Rockefeller Center is just one of many organizations that are beginning to gain access to the true potential of LED lighting, and with LED’s running about 80% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs, the tree will be much more environmental and cost friendly while it shines on this holiday season.

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LEDs Lighting the Holiday Season

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     As we drift closer to the holiday season, more and more lights are springing up in our neighborhoods.  Instead of climbing into the attic for those energy-sucking incandescent lights, keep your December electric bill low with more efficient LED lights!  A little LED replacement can go a long way with household energy savings.  LED light strips can use up to 90% less electricity and last up to 10x longer than your incandescent holiday lights.  While the higher price tag may make LED’s seem less convenient, the saved money through energy savings and bulb replacement will help pay off the investment in only one or two holiday seasons.  LED strips are also available in parallel circuits, so when one LED goes out the strip is still functional.  Another, safer feature of LED strips is that they produce little heat, reducing fire risks.

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HitLights Installs LED Strip Kits for Pearson’s Luggage & Gifts, Inc.

Pearson's Luggage & Gifts New Vera Bradley Display

     HitLights recently worked with the staff of Pearson’s Luggage & Gifts, Inc. to light up their shelved Vera
Bradley display.  All Vera Bradley retailers stock the bags on decorative shelves, but Pearson’s wanted to
add some extra quality to the display so they gave us a call.  After just a few minutes, using our  HitLights
Flexible Easy-Plug LED Strip Kit, we installed a dimmable LED display that brought the products to life
for under $30!  Below are some pictures of the final product. 
Pearson's Luggage & Gifts New Vera Bradley Display

Get our Warm White LED Strip Light Easy-Plug Kit here:

Applebee’s Goes Green in Style With LED’s

     Applebee’s recently announced a partnership with Lighting Science Group Corporation to replace over 3,000 incandescent and halogen bulbs with LED’s, resulting in an 88% reduction in their lighting energy.  This 88% should equate to about 820 saved kilowatts per year with their new, stylish LED’s.  With the initial cost of the retrofit (minus utility rebates due to Energy-Star certification and a new tax deduction for the company), Applebee’s has estimated that the lights will have paid for themselves in just over 7 months.   The images below are from two of the newly rennovated Applebee’s locations in New York City; one on 42nd Street and  another on Broadway (credited to

Finding Dimmers for Dimmable LED Bulbs

     With many people hearing about Dimmable LED’s, HitLights receives plenty of questions about compatability with customers’ existing dimmer systems.  It’s important to remember that dimmable LED bulbs aren’t completely compatible with 120V AC dimmers that most people use for their current incandescent bulbs.  LED bulbs cannot be dimmed effectively from higher-voltage dimmers, causeing flickering and other problems.  For this, the best solution is to convert to an LED Dimmer.  These dimmers are not currently offered from HitLights, but we recomment Lutron’s Selection of LED Dimmers.  Below are two popular dimmers offered by Lutron.

Lutron Lumea Dimmer                                      Lutron Diva Dimmer