Lexus Dealer Earning $49,000 in Annual Savings with LED Lighting

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     Last year, Lexus of South Atlanta decided to begin saving money by cutting lighting costs.  Before long they decided to retrofit their dealership with LEDs, resulting in $49,000 of savings annually.  The new system was installed in December 2011, consisting of 82 GE Evolve lights on a total of 55 poles, arranged around the existing pole locations to illuminate the lot very evenly.

The bright and more even lighting of the Lexus dealership’s new system has helped attract customers to the newly-lit car lot.  The new LED lights didn’t only help attract business, however.  The HID lighting that Lexus of South Atlanta originally used consumed 596160 kWhs of electricity a year, with the new LED lights drawing a tiny 77,289 kWhs.  This sums up to nearly 87 percent reduction in the consumption of lighting energy.

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