Incredible Holiday Lights – "Gangnam Style" 2012

          Here at HitLights, we’re getting excited for providing customers with LED lights this holiday season.  During this time of year, houses all over the world begin lighting up with beautiful displays.  The video below is a home in Western Australia that has created a brilliantly dazzling light show synced to the song “Gangnam Style” by Psy.  From the video’s description: “STATS: 41,000 bulbs, 2,000 light channels, 2kms of cable & 200 hours to set up. My past displays have raised more than $90k for community projects. And what does it cost in power? An extra $10/week – that’s it!”  This video shows the future of LED home lighting, and the entire display is extremely efficient.  


Dyson Awards SafetyNet – LED Rings Help Small Fish Escape to Limit Overfishing

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     Dan Watson is the developer of the “SafetyNet”, a fishing net that includes exit rings for younger or smaller fish to escape.  The design was recently awarded first place and £10,000 in this year’s James Dyson Awards.  Dan designed the SafetyNet to “make commercial fishing more sustainable by significantly decreasing the numbers of non-target and juvenile fish caught during the trawling process.”  The light rings work very well for guiding the fish out of the net, and is powered by the kinetic energy of the net! That means NO batteries are required for the SafetyNet.

     The James Dyson Award is presented annually to designers with promising ideas such as the SafetyNet.  In addition to the £10,000 for Dan and his SafetyNet development, Dyson also awarded £10,000 to the Royal College of Arts in London, where Dan studied Design Engineering.

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LED Lighting Provides Less Fatigue, Headaches

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     One problem that many people find with fluorescent lighting is the strobe/flicker of the light, which is caused by a device called the ballast.  The ballast helps regulate the amount of light coming from the bulb, but the flickering that they cause can strain your eyes and cause headaches.  Even though many people don’t see the flicker unless they’re focusing on it, the strain that occurs when your brain tries to process the flicker can cause stress, fatigue, and headaches.  The flickering also makes your pupils work extra hard to adapt to the varying level of light.  Because LED lighting doesn’t need a ballast, and uses DC current, it is far more healthy to your eyes.  This reduction in flickering can also help reduce the stress and headaches related to the strobe effect. 

Bath and North East Somerset Installs Dimming LED Street Lights

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     Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) held a trial last year that successfully called for new dimming LED street lights.  So far about 2,000 LED lights have already been fitted by the BANES Council, with 2,000 more scheduled to be replaced.  The council has estimated that with the new energy-saving, dimming lights, taxpayers will save roughly 200,000 pounds ($318,160 US) a year for taxpayers, and will also reduce the carbon footprint of the lights by 800 tons.  The LED lights’ dimming functionality will also provide BANES with another way to save money.  During lower-traffic times of the night, the LED lights will be dimmed to keep the roadways safe and help minimize costs.  BANES should be completed with the full LED installation by the Spring of 2013.

IKEA to Sell Exclusively LEDs by 2016

     The folks at IKEA have recently announced that by 2016, it will sell only LED lamps and bulbs.  This switch is intended to help IKEA customers reduce carbon emissions, as well as save money when purchasing lighting products.  In addition to selling only LED’s, the company has also announced that it will convert all of the existing lighting in its stores, factories, and warehouses to LED.  By switching to LEDs, Ikea is acknowledging the superiority that LEDs have over other incandescent equivalents, which include the fact that LEDs last longer and consume less energy than fluorescent and halogen bulbs.

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IKEA Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard said, “It’s not just about energy-efficiency; it’s the whole functionality from color temperature through to strength and durability.”

HitLights Sells Color Changing LED Bulbs to Islip Public Library

     We here at HitLights are proud to announce our recent sale with the Islip Public Library in Islip, NY.  The library will be updating some of their inside lighting, and have selected our BlueMoon 9w color-changing LED bulbs to provide low-energy, vivid lighting!  Our 9w color changing bulbs boast 16 colors and come with remote controls for easy operation, and their diffused lenses help spread light evenly.  HitLights was contacted by Eric Briggs of the Central Islip Public Library, who informed us that the library was interested in switching from their old bulbs to LED’s.  After seeing the available options, Mr. Briggs decided that our 9 Watt BlueMoon bulb would be perfect for the library, and the many colors and dimmable feature will give readers a comfortable ambiance to read in!  We are extremely excited that Mr. Briggs contacted us and helped us move toward an LED future!

Brighton’s Royal Pavilion: More Efficient With LED’s

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     The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England has recently installed an LED Lighting system that will illuminate the building like never before, all the while helping save carbon emissions.  It will also cost about 75% less to maintain than the previous system.  The LED system’s launch was held on October 30th, and was celebrated due to it’s energy efficiency and spectacular colors. The set was designed in coordination with BAQUS Construction Consultancy , and was turned on by the mayor of Brighton, Bill Randall.  The new LED lights are enhancing the iconic and unique features that the Royal Pavilion is already known for, specifically designed to highlight the building’s numerous features.  At HitLights we’re excited to see LED’s in so many new places, and we’re excited to sell LED products as we move towards the future.

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